Trucking Industry Numbers

About one of every 15 workers in the U.S. is employed by the trucking industry, according to the American Trucking Association. There are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the country and the total number of people employed by the industry, including positions that do not entail driving, exceeds 8.7 million. These figures indicate that trucking is a stable industry to get into and will most likely produce many more jobs in the coming years.

The annual shortage of truck drivers is around 20,000. This figure is expected to grow into a shortage of about 111,000 truck drivers.

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Being a truck driver doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice healthy living. Eating right and exercising are just as important–if not MORE important–in this profession as any other. So, rather than opting for fast food or truck stop meal options, consider taking along homemade snacks to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to live healthy and drive safely.

Here are the top road trip snacks for the long haul:

  • Apples
    • Apples are great for road trips because they keep well on their own. They don’t bruise or perish easily. And, they’re great to dip in peanut butter or any other nut butter for protein. Also, apples are loaded with the energy you need to keep going all day without the sugar crash!
  • Broccoli florets, Snap Peas, Carrots
    • Reach for these to get your veggie fix. Like apples, these vegetables hold up well on their own and don’t require refrigeration. Carrots are great for dipping in hummus, guacamole, or ranch. But, make sure to get some variety. (Remember: the darker green the vegetable, the better!) Broccoli and snap peas are mild dark green vegetables that make for some great snacking options.
  • Nuts
    • Nuts are excellent road trip snacks because they are low maintenance. They’re super snackable and come in many different varieties, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored with one flavor. They’re also packed with important healthy fats and protein.
  • Jerky
    • Snacking on the road doesn’t mean giving up meat. If you’re a true meat eater, bring along some jerky to satisfy your cravings. But, remember to reach for the natural stuff. There are types that do not have a bunch of additives (and are better tasting, too!).
  • Dark Chocolate
    • Yes, you can have something sweet, too! When chocolate cravings come to play, always go for dark. Like… DARK dark. Anything 80% or higher is great in moderation. Not only does dark chocolate have heart health benefits, but it also contains important antioxidants.

How to Stay Awake on Long Drives

As a truck driver, it can be difficult to keep yourself entertained during long drives. If you find yourself struggling to stay awake, try out these tips to ensure that you are safe and alert on the road.

  • Turn up the radio
    • by listening to music or books on tape, you are stimulating your brain in ways that wouldn’t be possible if you were to just sit in silence. Books on tape allows you to interact with what you’re hearing and engage in some sort of consideration. Listening to loud music you don’t typically listen to keeps your brain stimulated. Want to get more involved? Sing along!
  • Have a snack
    • By eating foods that are tart or take a long time to chew, you are forcing yourself to stay awake longer. Carrots are good for this because they take a while to chew and they can be eaten with one hand. Have an apple or an orange for something tangy to wake up your taste buds.
  • Move it
    • If you feel yourself getting tired, wake up your body by pulling over for some exercise. Just a quick round of jumping jacks can help raise your heart rate and keep you awake longer.
  • Open the window
    • By keeping the temperature in your truck’s cabin cool, you avoid the risk of getting too comfortable. Open the window for a quick refresher, or just turn the AC on for a while.

Drug and Alcohol Clearhousing for Commercial Truckers Released

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has finally released a rule establishing a national drug and alcohol clearhouse for commercial truck and bus drivers. The rule will go into effect January 4, 2017.

Once the rule becomes effective, motor carrier employers will require background checks for current or prospective employees who have unresolved drug or alcohol violations. These violations will ultimately prohibit them from operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Additionally, motor carriers, administrators, and medical review officers will be requires to report any driver who tests positive for drugs or alcohol, refuses drug or alcohol testing, or admit themselves into a rehabilitation process.

With the implementation of these rules, the FMCSA hopes to ensure the safety of truck drivers and other motor vehicle drivers, and prevent crashes due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Benefits of trucking factoring company

pexels-photo-68353Owning a trucking factoring company is no easy task, and although owning and maintaining any sort of business enterprise is a challenging task in the extreme, a trucking company manages to provide the business owner with an even greater amount of logistical dilemmas and problems. While every business in the world will typically suffer from, and therefore need to protect itself against the dangers of poor cash flow, this is a problem that is especially acute within the trucking sector.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the freight company, by virtue of the design of the market that it finds itself in, will be required to have plenty of funds to hand in order to ensure that immediate debts and outstanding balances are settled in full and on time. While business expenses such as wages and rent can be delayed until the end of the month and centralized, other expenses such as the cost of fuel, repair of the vehicles and mechanical inspections will all require instant payment.

This means that the business owner of a freight company will need to ensure that they have sufficient levels of working capital available so as to ensure that these outstanding accounts can be paid as and when required.

However, this is not always an easy thing to maintain or achieve, and the reason for this is that many of the clients of a trucking company will usually be rather slow when it comes to the settling of their debts. The reason for this is due to the fact that the customers of freight companies are sales orientated retail outlets who will only make a profit when and if their stock has been delivered.

Therefore, this means that the trucking factoring company is effectively left hanging on, desperately waiting for some much needed money to trickle through. Because of these concerns, factoring for trucking companies has become a major business service, and with each passing day, there are even more service providers who are offering factoring for trucking companies.

One of the major benefits of factoring for freight companies is that the trucking company will be able to receive significant amounts of cash upfront, and in a short space of time. Rather than having to wait several months before they receive payment from their customers, the trucking company will instead receive the money in a few days from the factoring company.

Another benefit of factoring for trucking companies is that the factoring company will also assume total control and responsibility for the collection process, that is, the recovery of the money owed by the customer. Because it is a collection agency that is assuming control of the recovery of the debt, many customers will be more likely to pay upfront, as they wish to avoid the very real possibility that they end up in court by virtue of the fact that are a delinquent debtor.

The fees charged by these types of companies are extremely flexible and cost effective indeed

All About Truck and Freight Factoring

truck-driver-614191_640Truck and Freight Factoring

Small business owners and those who seek occupational independence face a hard road, to be certain. They are subject to the conditions of the marketplace, shifts in consumer preferences, employee behavior, and even in some cases to the weather. But while there are no guarantees, the freedom and the hope of significant financial rewards are an attractive lure for those equipped with the entrepreneurial spirit. The last thing that you need as you are seeking to grow and develop your own trucking business is to be left with a substantial log of unpaid receivables for the loads that you have delivered. Truck and freight factoring can help you to weather these storms successfully.

There are many different reasons – or excuses -a client might offer to explain away the failure to make a full or timely payment for the services that you took such great care to professionally render. Though these efforts may or may not serve to reduce your negative perception of a negligent payer, it is absolutely certain that they will do nothing to support your bottom line. Accumulating an excess of these deficits can cripple your trucking quickly, whether you are operating on your own or running a small fleet.


Ways that Factoring Can Help

The day to day expenses of long haul trucking is massive. Commercial trucks get poor gas mileage due to the size and weight of the loads that they must pull and which dramatically increase the gasoline intake requirements of a vehicle. Accordingly, fuel costs alone represent a daunting demand on corporate accounts. Adding truck maintenance and driver sustenance into the mix makes the picture even more intimidating. With careful financial management and clients who uphold the contractually agreed upon terms of payment, these costs pose little threat to your viability.

Regrettably, even those clients who seem to be well organized and committed to protecting their reputation are often inclined to put your interests far on their own.  can be advantageous for the following reasons:

•Immediate payment – a factoring company knows that you need access to the funds that you were expecting as soon as possible, so you receive payment with minimal hassle and delay
•Eliminates your responsibility – barring willful deception or misrepresentation, once a truck factoring agency takes on your unpaid invoices, you will typically not have to repay them if they struggle to recover the funds
•Allows you to focus – as an independent trucker, your time and energy are incredibly valuable commodities and having to expend them to track down and persuade nonpaying clients is inefficient at best