• G4 Campaign – next stop after NYC: San Francisco, 2 May! (alongside the CERES Conference)


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    G4 Campaign Sponsor

    G4 Campaign Sponsor

    We are thankful to CERES for granting us the opportunity to host the second GRI G4 Campaign event alongside the two-day CERES Conference that is taking place on 1 and 2 May at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Next to the special GRI event on 2 May, we will be presenting in the afternoon of the 1st of May at CERES “intersect”. In this session, we want to talk to you informally about your ideas on harmonization and alignment of different sustainability initiatives and frameworks:

    1 May; 4:30 PM
    Learn about the future of corporate reporting at this discussion, which will focus on international harmonization of sustainability frameworks and the Global Reporting Initiative’s collaboration with other initiatives, both in the US and abroad. You’ll find out how GRI plays a convening role and be given an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements.

    2 May; 2-5.30 PM
    The next day – starting at 2pm, our special West-Coast event will commence, we will first explain what to expect at the Global Conference, how you can join our Delegation and what side events will be organized in North America. After this, Stephanie Rico, Vice-President Environmental Affairs, of Wells Fargo, will be interviewed by Rina Levy from Bloomberg LP. We will hear about Wells Fargo’s sustainability journey and Stephanie will explain how the company utilizes sustainability and transparency to effect real change.

    At 2.30pm, a Master Class (G4 Master Class 1: GRI Refresher Course and G4 Update) will be held by our Certified Training Partners BrownFlynn and ERM who will aim to refresh your knowledge of GRI. Here you can hear which items of GRI’s reporting process have remained untouched and receive an update on the G4 revisions. This is an interactive session where Wells Fargo will be joined by Sector Leaders Bloomberg (Rina Levy) and Dell (Bruno Sarda). The first hour is aimed at clarifying the most common misperceptions about sustainability reporting and GRI. Our trainers will give an overview and our panelists will be giving their views from both reporter as well as data user perspectives. In the second hour, you can find out how G4 has been updated since the G4 Exposure Draft came out and how our panelists look at these revisions. Throughout the 2-hr Master Class, you can actively engage with the trainers and panelists by means of short group assignments and online voting.

    After this session, we hope you will have learnt a lot about sustainability disclosure and how G4 aims to make things easier for you! There will be drinks so we can continue the networking.

    More information about the G4 Campaign and the Master Classes
    As GRI’s US office we’re facilitating North American participation in the Global Conference by creating a special North American Delegation and organizing special G4 Master Classes in the US and Canada. You are automatically part of the Delegation when you are either a US Founding Sponsor, a Sector Leader, a Certified Training Partner, an Organizational Stakeholder or a G4 Campaign Sponsor.

    You can access the Global Conference program here, and you can register here.

    For more information about the G4 Campaign and sponsorship opportunities: griusa@globalreporting.org.


    May 2, 2013

    Name: West Coast event GRI’s North American G4 Campaign alongside CERES Conference – Master Class 1: GRI Refresher and G4 Update
    Date: May 2, 2013
    Location: The Fairmont Hotel (Nob Hill neighborhood) San Francisco, at 950 Mason St. San Francisco, CA 94108.
    Host: CERES


    2.00 pm – 2.30 pm Welcome and registration by GRI Update from Marjella Alma on GRI’s Global Conference and G4 Campaign. Find out how you can join our official delegation!

    Interview Stephanie Rico, Vice-President Environmental Affairs Wells Fargo by Rina Levy, ESG Analyst, Bloomberg LP

    2.30 pm – 4.30 pm Master Class 1 – GRI Refresher and G4 Update – organized by GRI’s Certified Training Partners BrownFlynn and ERM

    Panelists: Stephanie Rico, Wells Fargo and GRI Sector Leaders Rina Levy, Bloomberg LP,  and Bruno Sarda, Dell.

    4.30 -5.30 pm Networking drinks


    Register here for 2 May, San Francisco